Video production specializing in aerial perspectives.



SKYMAKER Studio (3rd Floor)

SKYMAKER Films is based centrally in the historic Exchange District (Portage and Main) of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We specialize in productions in remote locations and will travel anywhere for your project!


Our director Ryan Klatt is an artist, film maker and the owner of SKYMAKER Films, a video production company specializing in aerial cinematography.

Ryan’s work has featured some of the world’s most exciting places, from the Himalayas for Yasmina’s Yatra to Iceland’s geysers for Slattern’s recent music video Fleeting. He holds a Video Degree (BFA) from the University of Manitoba. Ryan has produced films for Parks Canada in the Yukon Territory and Labrador, and has been commissioned by the Natural Resources Institute to create several documentaries including Harvesting Hope, which unveils a food crisis in Northern Manitoba. Ryan was the director of photography, editor and lead actor in Dream Weavers, a feature length film released in 2014 investigating water rights and economic revolution during Bangladesh’s looming environmental collapse.

Ryan (aka Skyman) rigorously researches and develops innovations in aerial cinematography.  For 5 years he has been the pilot and owner of a paramotor ultralight aircraft, from which he has shot scenes for several films. Ryan pilots flying robotic cameras (video drones) as well as using helicopters, small airplanes, kites and a metrological balloon in near space.



Ravi Shukla has extensive practical knowledge of both video and still cameras; he graduated with a degree in Photography from the University of Manitoba in 1999. Ravi moved to Houston where he worked for Texas Production Team refining his skills and building his experience on movie sets and television live broadcasting. He has since collaborated with more creative minds and has worked with Ryan Klatt filming and assisting in editing for Dream Weavers as well as video documenting Michael Dudeck’s EXEGESIS performances. Ravi is a gifted creative mind, and his drawing work has been widely exhibited.

Andy Rudolph


Andy Rudolph is obsessed with sound. His work spans nearly all facets of audio creation including: musical composition, performance, interactive installations, audio engineering, post-production and most points in between. He has performed and exhibited around the world and has toured extensively throughout North America.

Much of Rudolph’s artwork is comprised of equal parts DIY science project, mimetic reconstruction and purely emotive sonorism. As an engineer, Rudolph typically tries to carefully tow the line between glorious hi-fidelity recordings and raw ideas captured by lo-fi media. He develops and uses new technology (or hacks and abuses old technology) to create powerful simulacra of natural audio environments.


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